Due to the Covid-19 virus, we are currently meeting “virtually” on Sundays, via Zoom. The doors to the Sunday program open at 9:30 am for technical troubleshooting and visiting. The service starts at 10 am. We will be keeping the room open for 30 minutes after the service for general chat and catching up.

Information to connect to the Zoom service is provided on this page, following the descriptions of upcoming services.


Our theme for May is Story.

May 2. World Laughter Day, Carl Siminow. Carl Siminow, a long-time member of our fellowship is a man of many talents. You may not know that one of Carl’s “gigs” is performing stand-up comedy on cruise ships. Carl has never performed his routines on Zoom, but is willing to share his love of laughter with us this way. Carl will perform next “live” on the Mississipi River cruise in August. ALSO: An Introduction to “What’s Your Sentence?” Suzann Robins. Suzann will introduce us to an exercise in distilling the essence of our life’s stories down to one sentence, which we will share together for our May 16, program. (See additional information below in description for May 16.)

May 9. Our Story, Our Life, Dr. Ruth Miller. It’s Mother’s Day, the day that a woman during the Civil War persuaded the Congress to create so that the mothers who were holding things together while their sons and husbands were off fighting could be recognized. What a story that is! Since then it’s evolved into an opportunity for young children to recognize how much their mother does for them, and for adult children to try to remember that they have a mother who would like to be remembered – which is a whole new set of stories. In today’s program, Rev. Dr. Ruth Miller will help us understand the role of story in our life and invite us to share a favorite
story about our mothers.

May 16. Story, SCUUF Congregation. Author and motivational expert, Daniel Pink, advocates distilling the essence of your life’s story down to one single sentence. It’s a focusing device that connects people to clearer purpose. Pink describes the exercise at https://youtu.be/gw2xSdp4bOc. Bring your newly created “sentence” to worship and share how the creation of your sentence helped you see or embrace something new about your story (or just listen…always your choice).

May 23. Do Your Stories Serve You?, Aurora Miller. We all tell ourselves stories, every day. It’s part of how we make sense of the world around us and within us. But sometimes, the stories we tell ourselves do more harm than good. In this talk, Aurora will speak on the nature of inner narratives, and offer some tools we can use to identify our stories and adjust them if warranted. Aurora J. Miller is a writer, speaker, and Stress
Management Coach. She uses her certification in Interpersonal Neurobiology to help people understand what is going on within and around them so they can live the empowered life they’ve longed for.

May 30. A Child’s View of Racism, Sarita Southgate. Sarita will explore her experiences as a young child in our Capitol, Washington, DC, and also in South Carolina. She will expand those sad and confusing childhood memories with readings and their recent influences on movements such as Black Lives Matter.


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