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Our theme for May is Threshholds

May 3. Robert Mahaffy. Plutarch’s Parallel Lives of Illustrious Greeks and Romans continued.

May 10, Jessica Lloyd-Rogers. Motherless or Un-Mothered? Healing the Mother Wound. Many adults silently grieve every Mother’s Day as they deal
with the shame and pain of being un-mothered. The Mother Wound is deep, often generational, and can last a lifetime unless mended. Healing is
possible and while it is easier with the help of others, it can be done on one’s own. Learn how to tend, mend, and fan the embers of your internal
mother until it flames into life and fires up your confidence, trust, and sense of home.

May 17, Jean Adamson and Connie Earhart. Right Now, I believe…. Join us as two members/friends present their personal spiritual beliefs in this series. By sharing and supporting each other, we all grow.

May 24, Suzann Stroup. Portals and Precipices. I see these as jumping off points for moving forward. How do you gather what you’ve learned
when facing a fork in the road? What are your tools for movement toward future decisions? What has inspired your choices in the past?

May 31, Christina Alexander. At the Threshold. Here we find ourselves; we have arrived at the threshold of separation, transformation and
reintegration – a prescient choice of subject by the Program Committee during this time. We will explore what it might mean to step through the
boundary that a threshold represents, and occupy a new reality.

Our theme for June is Compassion

June 7. Jessica Lloyd-Rogers. What the World Needs Now…is Compassion. Compassion is reflected in every one of our UU Sources. It is both an innate and a learned quality. Most of us could use some tips on how to cultivate more compassion in our lives. We’ll take a look at the many faces of compassion and visit some of the latest scientific research. Finally, we will come away with ideas about how we might individually and collectively strengthen the practice of compassion in our lives.

June 14. Mark Stueve. Edmund Creffield and the Preacher Cave. At the turn of the 20th century, Salvation Army worker Edmund Creffield moved to Corvallis and soon started his own church, beginning a cautionary tale that involved him and the town leaders in deception, sex, tar, feathers, murder, starvation, and cave-dwelling. The bizarre story of the self-proclaimed “Josua II” changed the face of religion and legal precedent in the Pacific Northwest.

June 21. LeAnn Lovie. Happy Father’s Day. Description unavailable.

June 28. Robin McCreery. Compassion and Balance. How do you be in a world that is at times overwhelming with need? Does your heart get
weary? What do you do? A discussion for sharing collective wisdom. Please be willing to share how you get your spirit by in tough times.