Due to the Covid-19 virus, we are currently meeting “virtually” on Sundays, via Zoom. The doors to the Sunday program open at 9:30 am for technical troubleshooting and visiting. The service starts at 10 am. We will be keeping the room open for 30 minutes after the service for general chat and catching up.

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July Theme: Inspiration

4 July. Inspiration. Dr. Ruth Miller. Where do we  get our inspiration? What does inspiration do for
us? What do we do with it? How is this SCUUF community a source of inspiration?
Psychologists, philosophers, and students of consciousness have been exploring this
phenomenon for centuries and Dr. Ruth Miller will be sharing some of their results – and some
guidelines for us – in this morning’s program.

11 July. The Danger of a Single Story. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. Chimamanda is a Nigerian writer whose works range from novels to short stories to nonfiction. Join us for her thought-provoking 2009 TED talk offering
inspiration found in the many stories found in multiple rich cultures throughout the world. This
offering was a part of a Soul Matters packet, January, 2019.

18 July. A Look at the Epic. Robert Mahaffy. In one of my favorite Johnny Cash songs he sings:
“Some folks stick pretty close to home, others are born with the urge to roam.” My talk will
examine the Epic form in literature to see if there is anything useful to take away.

25 July. What Inspires YOU? Suzann Robins. As UUs we draw from various sources. Does one
inform you more than others? What else do you find inspiring? My inspiration comes from the
silence of the trees and ocean — the interconnected web — Sometimes, I catch
glimpses of the web — other times find inspiration illusive. Please come prepared to
inspire each other with our thoughts and feelings about the principles as they currently stand, as
well as to consider the one that may be added. If none of this inspires you, feel free to share other
quotes or thoughts on this interactive Sunday.



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