Due to the Covid-19 virus, we are currently meeting “virtually” on Sundays, via Zoom. The doors to the Sunday program open at 9:30 am for technical troubleshooting and visiting. The service starts at 10 am. We will be keeping the room open for 30 minutes after the service for general chat and catching up.

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October’s Theme is Cultivating Relationships

10/03 – Cultivating Our Relationship With the Natural World – Dr. Ruth Miller. We live in a culture that has separated us from the natural world. We live in buildings that protect us from the local climate, travel in vehicles that ignore the weather, and eat food that comes from factories and is wrapped in plastic. But Nature is telling us we are not separate from this biosphere, that we are in fact very much a part of it – and subject to natural processes that we can’t begin to understand, much less control. So, how do we cultivate a different kind of relationship with the natural world – this interdependent web – of which we are a part? Today, Dr. Ruth Miller draws on her studies of history, ecology, and the systems sciences to help us clarify our next steps in that direction.

10/10 – Healthy Relationships through Insight & Intuition – Suzann Robins. Knowing more about personality dynamics is one aspect of healthy relationships at home and in the workplace. The more we understand ourselves, the better we can understand others. Suzann will present material from her book Exploring Intimacy.

10/17 – Relationship with Self – Ross Acker will explore the topic of relationship with self through his experiences as a practicing psychotherapist for 15 years and from the works of Carl Rogers, Irvin Yalom and Eckhart Tolle.

10/24 – Deepening our Relationship with Source Energy – Jessica L. Lloyd-Rogers. We are all connected to Source, else
we wouldn’t be here. How do we recognize and cultivate that relationship—by whatever name we recognize it? There are recognized practices suitable for every belief. We will be exploring the different pathways that when used, together or separately, will bring us into a more perfect union with Source Energy.

10/31 – When Your Relatives Become Your Ancestors – Robin McCreery. How do you transition from a flesh and blood relationship to a soul relationship? Do you hold your ancestors to the same standard as your relatives in terms of behavior or not?



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