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Our theme for July is Courage

July 5. Jessica Lloyd-Rogers. The Courage to Create (Change). Creativity requires courage. The creative process is not a path paved with pure joy,
but one filled with suffering, obstacles, anxiety, and frustration. Without the courage to proceed in our creations even when overcome by these
unpleasant states, we will remain impotent in our ability to create anything of value

July 12. Carl Siminow and Jerry Schneider. Right Now I Believe.

July 19. Robin McCreery. Exploring Courage. Please join in the discussion. What symbolizes courage to you? Where do you find courage when you need it? When does courage matter?

July 26. Cheryl DeLong. Courage: Standing Up to a Fear So Our Lights Shine Brighter. Join a discussion about how we can reframe our fears and be more
courageous in confronting social and environmental injustice.