2020 Programs

Our theme for December was Stillness

December 6. Exploring How to Sit, Robin McCreery and Charlotte Hutt. Charlotte and Robin will be presenting Thich Nhat Han’s book, How to Sit.
Make sure you have a comfortable place to bring your focus to “just” sitting.

December 13. Silent Listening, Sarita Southgate. We listen in many ways; for example, to background music, to one person when others are also speaking, to sounds of nature. And we silently listen to our thoughts and inner conversations, which is what we will explore during this presentation.

December 20. Solstice Celebration, Suzann Robins and Others. This program reflects one of the most important sources of our faith: “Spiritual teaching
of earth-centered traditions which celebrate the sacred circle of life and instruct us to live in harmony with rhythms of nature.”

December 27. Covid-19, Jim Martin, MD. Join us to hear the latest findings, precautions and healing from this virus. Jim is a member of our fellowship
and has offered to share the expertise he has gathered about the pandemic and the disease implications from his medical perspective.

Our theme for November, 2020, was Healing

November 1. Right Now I Believe… Mark Stueve and Edith Mayfield. Join us as two members/friends present their personal spiritual beliefs in this series. By sharing and supporting each other, we all grow.

November 8. Steps to Healing. Suzann Robins. “Different programs are available to heal personal traumas. One that has helped me is known as Twelve Steps. What healing methods have you tried? Have you specifically worked a program in the past and/or do you have a plan for the future? A program can be as simple as finding a meaningful poem or uplifting song or piece of music. Hearing others’ voices has always been an inspiration for me.” Suzann Robins will share part of her journey and then open the zoom room to hear from others.

November 15. Healing and Wholeness. Dr. Ruth Miller. They come from the same root word implying far more than simply the elimination of distressing symptoms. In this talk, Dr. Miller will draw on the research behind her books Calm Healing and The Science of Mental Healing to
explore: what is healing, really? And what are the implications for our healing practices and the meaning of “health care”?

November 22. Feelings and Healing. Georgia Martin. Georgia will share her thoughts and expertise about how feelings and healing are connected.

November 29. Ayurvedic Routine: How It Promotes Health. Melinda Levine. Melinda will go over the daily routine of the Ayurvedic lifestyle. Included will be basic morning routine and how it sisters with yoga and why the routine benefits your body. She will also touch upon the dosha.

Our theme for October, 2020, was Deep Listening

October 4. Vote Love Defeat Hate, UUA President Susan Frederick-Gray, the UU the Vote team, and a lineup of powerful, prophetic UU voices. In the
midst of global pandemic, rising authoritarianism, and uprising, lives hang in the balance and the future of democracy is on the line. In response, UU’s are answering the call of our faith, building powerful partnerships to mobilize our communities to #VoteLove and #DefeatHate in the 2020 elections. We explore the intersections of faith, justice, and democracy in this collective virtual service.

October 11. The Wisdom You Are Already Living – The Body’s Intelligence, Melinda Levine. An introduction to yoga, yoga therapy, exploring what yoga is and how to approach a yoga class online that is safe and appropriate for your body.

October 18. Deep Listening Across Cultures, Dr. Ruth Miller. What does it take to really hear someone? What does it take to really hear ourselves – our inner wisdom that’s available to us all, if we could slow down enough to hear it…and if we do hear it, what then? Dr. Miller’s research has found that while Western culture keeps our minds distracted with surface thoughts
and issues, other cultures train their children to still their minds and…listen. In this talk she will explore: what do they hear? What could we learn
from them?

October 25. Listening to Self, Listening to the Other. Charlotte Hutt.

Our theme for September, 2020, was Renewal

September 6. Mark Stueve. Reflections on UU 2020 General Assembly. Mark was one of our delegates to the recent UU General Assembly and will share aspects related to UU’s 1 st Source, “ Direct experience of that transcending mystery and wonder, affirmed in all cultures, which move us to a renewal of the spirit and an openness to the forces which create and uphold life.”

September 13. Chyanne & Tristan Avenbaum. Safer As One. Safer As One is a community-led coalition of sub-communities focused on self-representation, self-determination, and mutual aid. The primary focus of Safer As One is the uplifting of each sub-community, in particular minority communities, by way of providing each sub-community, regardless of size, an equal voice and representation as it relates to social and racial justice.

September 20. Kay Kerridan. Transcendentalism: A Piece of Our UU History. The first meeting of the Transcendentalist Club took place on September 19, 1836. It’s good to remember “where we came from.”

September 27. Bobbi Black and Staci Fox. Right Now I Believe. Join us as two
members/friends present their personal spiritual beliefs in this series. By sharing and supporting each other, we all grow.

Our theme for August, 2020, was Hope

August 2. Jessica Lloyd-Rogers. Hope is a State of Mind. “Hope, in this deep and powerful sense, is not the same as joy that things are going well, or
willingness to invest in enterprises that are obviously heading for success, but rather an ability to work for something because it is good.” Vaclav Havel

August 9. Leanne Lovie. Finding Something Hopeful, Now! What is Good in the World? In this time of 24-hour news and turmoil, what is beyond ‘doom
and gloom’? A look at what positive things are happening in this moment.

August 16. Sarita Southgate. Hope: Different Religions, Different Meanings. There are many words we think we know all about; look closer, we have much to learn. We toss around the word “Hope.” “Hope you have a great day.” “Hope springs eternal.” “Hope it doesn’t rain today.” We will explore some of the profound meanings of “Hope” as they are expressed in religions around the world.

August 23. Suzann Robins. What Brings You Hope? This will be an interactive discussion so look forward to participating or just listening.

August 30. Jean Adamson. Humanism as a Source for UUs. Religious humanism is one of the primary sources for current day Unitarian Universalism. In 1998, a survey revealed that 46% of UUs regarded themselves as theologically humanist. We’ll explore just what humanism means.

Our theme for July, 2020, was Courage

July 5. Jessica Lloyd-Rogers. The Courage to Create (Change). Creativity requires courage. The creative process is not a path paved with pure joy,
but one filled with suffering, obstacles, anxiety, and frustration. Without the courage to proceed in our creations even when overcome by these
unpleasant states, we will remain impotent in our ability to create anything of value

July 12. Carl Siminow and Jerry Schneider. Right Now I Believe.

July 19. Robin McCreery. Exploring Courage. Please join in the discussion. What symbolizes courage to you? Where do you find courage when you need it? When does courage matter?

July 26. Cheryl DeLong. Courage: Standing Up to a Fear So Our Lights Shine Brighter. Join a discussion about how we can reframe our fears and be more
courageous in confronting social and environmental injustice.

Our theme for June, 2020, was Compassion

June 7. Jessica Lloyd-Rogers. What the World Needs Now…is Compassion. Compassion is reflected in every one of our UU Sources. It is both an innate and a learned quality. Most of us could use some tips on how to cultivate more compassion in our lives. We’ll take a look at the many faces of compassion and visit some of the latest scientific research. Finally, we will come away with ideas about how we might individually and collectively strengthen the practice of compassion in our lives.

June 14. Mark Stueve. Edmund Creffield and the Preacher Cave. At the turn of the 20th century, Salvation Army worker Edmund Creffield moved to Corvallis and soon started his own church, beginning a cautionary tale that involved him and the town leaders in deception, sex, tar, feathers, murder, starvation, and cave-dwelling. The bizarre story of the self-proclaimed “Josua II” changed the face of religion and legal precedent in the Pacific Northwest.

June 21. LeAnn Lovie. Happy Father’s Day. Description unavailable.

June 28. Robin McCreery. Compassion and Balance. How do you be in a world that is at times overwhelming with need? Does your heart get
weary? What do you do? A discussion for sharing collective wisdom. Please be willing to share how you get your spirit by in tough times.

Our theme for May, 2020, was Threshholds

May 3. Robert Mahaffy. Plutarch’s Parallel Lives of Illustrious Greeks and Romans continued.

May 10, Jessica Lloyd-Rogers. Motherless or Un-Mothered? Healing the Mother Wound. Many adults silently grieve every Mother’s Day as they deal
with the shame and pain of being un-mothered. The Mother Wound is deep, often generational, and can last a lifetime unless mended. Healing is
possible and while it is easier with the help of others, it can be done on one’s own. Learn how to tend, mend, and fan the embers of your internal
mother until it flames into life and fires up your confidence, trust, and sense of home.

May 17, Jean Adamson and Connie Earhart. Right Now, I believe…. Join us as two members/friends present their personal spiritual beliefs in this series. By sharing and supporting each other, we all grow.

May 24, Suzann Stroup. Portals and Precipices. I see these as jumping off points for moving forward. How do you gather what you’ve learned
when facing a fork in the road? What are your tools for movement toward future decisions? What has inspired your choices in the past?

May 31, Christina Alexander. At the Threshold. Here we find ourselves; we have arrived at the threshold of separation, transformation and
reintegration – a prescient choice of subject by the Program Committee during this time. We will explore what it might mean to step through the
boundary that a threshold represents, and occupy a new reality.

Our Theme for April, 2020, was Liberation
April 5, Dr. Ruth Miller. One Universe, One Interconnected System of Wholes. As Unitarians we honor one divinity expressing in and through this universe in which we live, and we recognize the interconnected web of life of which we are a part. As a systems scientist, Dr. Miller has studied and taught a set of principles that help us see how these two ideas support each other and can be applied in our lives to help us be more effective actors on the human stage. These principles, when understood, are truly liberating – freeing us from the limited thinking that a mechanical, dualistic worldview imposes on us.

April 12 (Easter), Mark Stueve. How Jesus Became God. How Jesus Became God explores the exaltation of an itinerant Jewish preacher from a small village in Galilea. Based on the work of Bart Ehrman.

April 19 (Earth Day), Robin McCreery. The Young Liberators of the Earth. There is a rainbow tribe of young activists rising up to save to planet. We will hear the stories of Autumn Peltier, Mari Cooeny, Greta Thunberg and others who have educated and mobilized millions of people into action.

March, 2020 — Our theme for March was Wisdom
March 1 Dr. Ruth Miller. The UU 7 Principles – Key to Humanity’s Emerging New Culture? When she’s not working as a minister, Dr. Ruth Miller is one of a few thousand scientists known as futurists. In her workshops and seminars, and her writings in that field, she presents current trends and offers possible scenarios for coming decades. Recently, she has been focusing on the emergence of a new kind of culture – and the values and assumptions that it embodies. In her program, she’ll share some of them and their relationship with the UU principles.

March 8, Gary Stroup and Suzann Robins. Wisdom of the Ocean. The interconnectedness of the World’s Oceans remind us that we are one tiny part of our larger world.

March 15, Georgia Martin. Aging with Wisdom. Growing old with purpose.

March 22, Robert Mahaffy and Jessica Lloyd-Rogers. Right Now, I Believe..… Join us as two more members/friends present their personal spiritual beliefs in this new series. By sharing and supporting each other, we all grow. 

March 29, Program Planning Panel. Wisdom of the Ages. Come discuss the “Best Advice You’ve Received” and “The Most Important Lesson You’ve Learned.” 

February, 2020 — Our theme for February was Resiliance 

February 2. Dr. Ruth Miller and Mark Stueve. What’s It Mean to Be a UU? – A Prelude to Membership in SCUUF. The Unitarian Universalists have a long history and have been part of many important historical processes. Rev. Miller will explain the beginnings of our spiritual heritage, tell us about some famous folks who’ve been part of the movement, and describe how Unitarian Universalism emerged in this country. Mark Stueve will join her and share some of the history of this fellowship, then lead the process by which those who choose to become members will do so. 

February 9. Robert Mahaffy. An Infidel Looks at the Koran. An exploration of the similarities and differences with other Abrahamic religions. 

February 16. Sarita Southgate. Exploring Anger. The battles we fight and how they are important to our spiritual lives. Anger, we have all experienced it. We all know how it feels, and sometimes even know what triggers it. But anger has many sides and many secrets. These will be explored both in ourselves and in other cultures and belief systems. Understanding anger, a normal emotion, and its roles in our lives can lead to new self and societal awareness.

February 23. Jessica Lloyd-Rogers. ACES To Graces: Building Resiliency At Any Stage In Life. Science has repeatedly shown that Adverse Child Experiences have lifelong negative effects. Fortunately, that same science has shown that while we can’t reverse the effects, we have the power to mitigate the impacts. Best of all, we can begin taking these actions at any age.

January, 2020 — Our theme for January was Integrity

January 5. Dr. Ruth Miller. Epiphany. The word “epiphany” comes from the Greek, referring to surprising discovery. From Archemides to Isaac Newton to Francis Crick, science has leapt forward through epiphanies. And, in the Christian tradition, three scholar-kings had an epiphany that would affect
people around the world for thousands of years. What does it mean today? How can we honor our own epiphanies? These are some of the concepts
and questions Dr. Miller will be exploring in her program this week.

January 12. Robert Mahaffy. Old Age. In this charming essay by Cicero, he attempted to show us what old age may be, rather than what it generally is. This is a presentation that Robert did about ten years ago and was asked to repeat!

January 19. Leanne Lovie. Courage. The battles we fight and how they are important to our spiritual lives.

January 26. Jerry Chadwick, Cheryl DeLong. Right Now, I Believe… Join us as two more members/friends present their personal spiritual beliefs in this new series. By sharing and supporting each other, we all grow!