2022 Programs

September 25 – Belonging: Different Things to Different People

To wrap up our monthly theme, we will listen to a recent TEDx talk by Carin Taylor, who will outline diverse ways we can help each other feel included. We can strive for inner and out Peace when we apply the principles she has discovered. CLICK HERE to view the 15-minute YouTube video.

September 18 – Suicide on the Rise

Our Sunday speaker, a representative from the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, will tell us about the Out of the Darkness Walk (to be held Saturday, September 24, beginning at 10:00 a.m. in Mingus Park). Learn how you might participate with this important issue. The Sunday talk will conclude with a water ceremony to acknowledge life’s balance during this time of the Fall equinox.

September 11 – The Quest For True Belonging

Rev. Elaine Cornick, a cultural catalyst and “cross-pollinator,” will show us how living in an empire/colonial culture for about 6,000 years has denied our authentic selves, our Spirit, and the Oneness with all of Life. We’ve been trying to belong to something that isn’t possible to belong to. That cultural paradigm is breaking down, opening the way for our authentic Self to create, truly belong, and be more fully expressed in a “life-aligned” culture. Many examples of this new culture are showing up like green shoots sprouting through the cracks in the concrete of our usual perception and experience of reality.

September 4 – The Union & The Great Resignation

Rev. Ruth Miller, PhD. will show us how UU’s first principle is key to the sense of belonging that we all hunger for – at work and in all areas of our lives. This Labor Day weekend, after the Great Resignation of the past year, the union movement is starting up again. Workers at companies that have taken advantage of them by giving them only part-time employment at the lowest possible wages are rising up and insisting on having a voice, once again. But it turns out that wages are not the deciding factor in worker discontent. Come, discover what is the deciding factor in such an important area of life.

August 28  Charlotte Hutt – History of Permaculture

The definition and a brief history of permaculture, including how a science might be value-driven. Learn how the three core values of permaculture can be practiced with or without putting hands in soil. To see the YouTube video, CLICK HERE.

August 21  Robin McCreery – Lessons from, and a love letter to, a Master Gardener

Life lessons from the garden year of a Master Gardener.

August 14  Christina Alexander – In My Garden I Grow

Metaphors and messages from Gaia.

August 7 – Cheryl DeLong – “Come Sing a Song With Me” (ZOOM ONLY service)
Music lifts our spirits.  This is a special Summer Singing Service. Please join us as we learn about and sing many of the traditional UU songs. We will discuss the authors of the songs and the history behind the lyrics. These songs bind us together with Unitarian Universalists from around the globe. When we express through our voices and sing this wealth of music, we strengthen our web of connection and increase our positive energy put forth in the world. 

July 31  Robert Mahaffey – The Life and Times of Thomas Paine

A look at the religious and political views of our country’s founders.

(Video coming soon)



July 24 – Discussion Group

July 17  Rev. Dr. Carla Ryan — Agreements to Personal Freedom


The agreements we make about ourselves can shape who we are. They either confine us or provide freedom of expression. These inherited contracts and beliefs come from many sources, and stay with us until we find – if we’re open and aware of such recognition – they no longer serve our highest nature. What old or worn-out agreements are you ready to release? Are you ready to embrace the personal freedom of authenticity? We will explore basic ideas of responsibility and discover what sets us free!

July 10  Mark Steve — Freedom of Thought

Referred to as “Freethinking Mystics with Hands,” UUs have a tradition of self- determination and free thought. What has this meant to our Fellowship in the past and what can it look like for the future of SCUUF?

July 3  Rev. Dr. Ruth Miller — Spiritual Politics

From the Declaration of Independence through the adoption of the Constitution of the United States, the founders of this country thought and wrote about politics as an expression of their spiritual, as well as social, values. Whatever their thoughts about religion, which varied widely, they were convinced that life has a spiritual dimension and the government should reflect and honor that. Rev. Dr. Ruth Miller will explore some of that history and its implications for this difficult period in American politics – and for our own activism.


February Theme:  Widening the Circle

Feb. 6 Dr. Ruth Miller: The 8th Principle: what is UUA up to?

Many of us were surprised and curious when presented with a new principle to add to
the beloved seven. It was originally proposed by someone working with racial issues
within the UUA. It is currently being accepted by congregations individually and
collectively as they work to help all fellowships and congregations understand what it
means and how to apply it. Rev. Ruth will share some of the history and activities going
on about the ideas embodied in the principle to help get more clarity about its
importance in Unitarian Universalism – and SCUUF.

Feb. 13 Marty Giles: Mindful Growth

Some hows and whys of congregational growth: history and thoughts.
Widening the Circle, in terms of increasing and diversifying our membership, was a
primary, driving concern for the first 20 years of the SCUUF. As one of the founding
members of the current Fellowship, Marty will review our congregation’s past
inclinations, research, and effort concerning such growth—including a report on the
results of those endeavors.

Feb. 20 Tristen and Chyanne: New Relationships Within Community

How are activism, community building, interpersonal relationships, and Unitarian
Universalism related? Tristen and Chyanne will discuss the topic of Hospitality and
Inclusion as presented by the UUA Commission on Institutional Change's report and
how it could apply to SCUUF. We plan to start the conversation on how we can set
our congregation up for success as we aim to grow and bring in members from every
walk of life and lived experience. The report text and audio reading can be found at

Feb. 27 Rev. Fred Miller: Principles and Precepts, Unitarianism and Zen

To those growing up in a predominantly Judeo-Christian culture, the principles
and practices of Zen Buddhism may seem strange and difficult. Fred Miller is a
newly-ordained Zen priest who attends the Unitarian fellowship in Florence. He will
share the simplicity of this powerful practice, and how Buddhist dharma and Unitarian
principles work together.


January Theme:  Living with Intention
January 2 Dr. Ruth Miller –  We will build a land 
Our theme for the month reminds us that living to meet someone else's expectations, or drifting from one idea or possibility to the next, does no one any service and often induces anxiety in everyone involved. But living with intention has much larger implications than our own individual lives. Rev. Dr. Ruth Miller will help us let go of those ideas and possibilities that are not in alignment with our shared intention for a light-filled world free of fear – the world our hearts long for.

January 9 Edmund Chaney  – With Thanks to Thoughts Without a Thinker
Ed, a social scientist and retired clinical psychologist, will discuss how he attempts to live intentionally. For some, it may be obvious. The goals and methods seem clear. But what if one is a skeptic, and believes that the consequences of our actions, however well meant, are ultimately unpredictable? What can we know and depend on as truth to guide us in making decisions?

January 16 We See Another UU Congregation’s Reflections on Martin Luther King, Jr.

January 23 Tara Johnson –  Intentional housing options
The Devereux Center, founded in 1979, has secured new support systems available to those suffering from mental illness, veterans, and other people in need. Tara, the current director will inform us about the options for helping with this community wide project.

January 30 Beth Davis – Facing death with intention.
We all die. There are no exceptions. Yet death is something most people don’t talk about. Death is perceived as a medical failure. A topic to be avoided. Beth Walz Davis, an end-of-life doula, will explore ways to normalize death, and prepare ourselves and our loved ones for our last chapter.



2021 Programs

Our Theme for December was Opening to Joy

Dec. 5 – Dr. Ruth L. Miller St. Nicolas and The Winter Holy Days  – There are about twenty-nine holy days between Nov 1 and January 15, across seven major world religions, all with opportunities to experience and express joy. Dr. Ruth Miller will explain some of them and help us understand why humanity chooses this time of year to celebrate and find deeper joy.

Dec. 12 – Angela Vaughn & Georgia Martin The Joy and Expression of Creativity – Our lives are immersed in creativity. Everything we see, hear, smell, taste, and feel can be a creative act. Georgia and Angela will tell us about their journey and encourage us to nurture the expansion of our own creative spirit.

Dec 19 – Cheryl De Long and Gary Stroup Celebration of the Returning Sun – It’s the winter solstice, when the sun “stands still” for 3 days, having risen and set as far south (for us here in the northern hemisphere) as it can go. Join us as we honor the age-old celebration of the sun’s turning northward and the days beginning to get longer again.
Dec. 26 – Suzann Robins Joy of Opening to Silence – Growing up Catholic, Sunday mass did not offer a minute of quiet. Silence became a part of my practice when I learned to meditate in the early 70s. Eventually, I learned about mindfulness, guided imagery and creative visualization. All are different from prayer, but none quiet. Now I practice heart/brain cohesion as introduced by Heart Math, and have found inner peace when I go into what I call the void.

Our Theme for November was Holding History

November 7: Feminine Power Hidden in Empire Culture – History has tended to ignore Her Story, even though women have played essential roles in every major event in the evolution of civilization. Drawing on her book Madonna, Magdalene, and Beyond (the new edition of Mary’s Power). Rev. Dr. Miller will help us see why this happened, how it happened, and what’s next for men and women as our culture continues on its transformational path.

November 14: Our Political Legacy – We come to this planet part of a family and a tradition, and yet we also come with free will.  Many of us have chosen paths that put us at odds with the expectations we were born to, and a clearer understanding of the history of those traditions and expectations can help us understand and act in the present, even if we have already stepped away from our family’s legacy. SCUUF member Charlotte Hutt will explore the role of such expectations on where we’re heading today.

November 21 Growing Up in 2 Different Cultures – Local author Mitzi Loftus will reflect on her experiences as outlined in her book: Made in Japan and Settled in Oregon.

November 28 It’s the first day of Hanukkah! – The Jewish festival of lights in deep winter celebrates a miracle that happened in Jerusalem over 2000 years ago, and is one of the most fun times in the Jewish calendar. Florence Unitarian Nin Bebeau, a Jewish storyteller, psychology professor, and author, will share with us some of the delightful – and powerful stories associated with this time of year.


Our theme for October was Cultivating Relationships

10/03 – Cultivating Our Relationship With the Natural World – Dr. Ruth Miller. We live in a culture that has separated us from the natural world. We live in buildings that protect us from the local climate, travel in vehicles that ignore the weather, and eat food that comes from factories and is wrapped in plastic. But Nature is telling us we are not separate from this biosphere, that we are in fact very much a part of it – and subject to natural processes that we can’t begin to understand, much less control. So, how do we cultivate a different kind of relationship with the natural world – this interdependent web – of which we are a part? Today, Dr. Ruth Miller draws on her studies of history, ecology, and the systems sciences to help us clarify our next steps in that direction.

10/10 – Healthy Relationships through Insight & Intuition – Suzann Robins. Knowing more about personality dynamics is one aspect of healthy relationships at home and in the workplace. The more we understand ourselves, the better we can understand others. Suzann will present material from her book Exploring Intimacy.

10/17 – Relationship with Self – Ross Acker will explore the topic of relationship with self through his experiences as a practicing psychotherapist for 15 years and from the works of Carl Rogers, Irvin Yalom and Eckhart Tolle.

10/24 – Deepening our Relationship with Source Energy – Jessica L. Lloyd-Rogers. We are all connected to Source, else
we wouldn’t be here. How do we recognize and cultivate that relationship—by whatever name we recognize it? There are recognized practices suitable for every belief. We will be exploring the different pathways that when used, together or separately, will bring us into a more perfect union with Source Energy.

10/31 – When Your Relatives Become Your Ancestors – Robin McCreery. How do you transition from a flesh and blood relationship to a soul relationship? Do you hold your ancestors to the same standard as your relatives in terms of behavior or not?


Our theme for September was Embracing Possibilities


Our theme for August was Intention


Our theme for July was Inspiration

4 July. What is Inspiration? Dr. Ruth Miller. Where do we  get our inspiration? What does inspiration do for us? What do we do with it? How is this SCUUF community a source of inspiration? Psychologists, philosophers, and students of consciousness have been exploring this phenomenon for centuries and Dr. Ruth Miller will be sharing some of their results – and some guidelines for us – in this morning’s program.

11 July. The Danger of a Single Story. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. Chimamanda is a Nigerian writer whose works range from novels to short stories to nonfiction. Join us for her thought-provoking 2009 TED talk offering inspiration found in the many stories found in multiple rich cultures throughout the world. This offering was a part of a Soul Matters packet, January, 2019. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D9Ihs241zeg&t=18s)

18 July. A Look at the Epic. Robert Mahaffy. In one of my favorite Johnny Cash songs he sings: “Some folks stick pretty close to home, others are born with the urge to roam.” My talk will examine the Epic form in literature to see if there is anything useful to take away.

25 July. What Inspires YOU? Suzann Robins. As UUs we draw from various sources. Does one inform you more than others? What else do you find inspiring? My inspiration comes from the silence of the trees and ocean — the interconnected web — Sometimes, I catch glimpses of the web — other times find inspiration illusive. Please come prepared to inspire each other with our thoughts and feelings about the principles as they currently stand, as well as to consider the one that may be added. If none of this inspires you, feel free to share other quotes or thoughts on this interactive Sunday.


Our Theme for June was Play

– The practice of remembering we can write our own rules
– The practice of using escape to restore our freedom
– The practice of returning to joy

6 June – Play is More than Just Fun, Stuart Brown, MD
Join us for a TED talk by Stuart Brown from the National Institute for Play/PlayCore. This 22-
minute video from Soul Matters worship resources is entertaining and thought-provoking and
will prompt each of us to think about and share our visions and experiences with “play”
throughout the month of June.

13 June – Playing Safe or Playing Free, Dr. Ruth Miller
Every day, every moment, we choose how we will live. Even though most of us have been
taught that we “must” do this or “have to” be that, we do, in fact, get to choose. Some of us
had to go through a catastrophic event or illness to learn that. Some of us haven’t learned it
yet. It makes no matter whether we know it or not; it’s true nonetheless. So, what shall we
choose? Today Rev. Dr. Ruth Miller will raw on her studies in psychology and anthropology to
help us see some of the options we have today—and their consequences.

20 June – Valuing Play, Cheryl DeLong
Cheryl advises she has lived her life with Play as a priority. She has cheerfully taken on the
challenge of tying together two special days….Father’s Day and Solstice…..within a framework
of valuing play in life.

27 June – UUA Circle Round UUA**
Join us to be a part of the largest annual gathering convening virtually for worship. This
inspiring event will occur at the close of Circle ‘Round, for Justice-Healing-Courage, this year’s
UUA General Assembly. It will take place in Minneapolis, MN, and be streamed live to all
corners of the nation.

NOTE: Our ANNUAL MEETING followed this service, starting at Noon.


Our Theme for May was Story

Our Theme for April was Becoming
4 April The 8th Principle of UU Jessica Lloyd-Rogers; Charlotte Hutt

A person can believe they are being a “good UU” and following the 7 Principles without thinking
about or dealing with racism and other oppressions at the systemic level. The 8 th Principle of
Unitarian Universalism states, “We, the members of the Unitarian Universalist Association,
covenant to affirm and promote: journeying toward spiritual wholeness by working to build a
diverse multicultural Beloved Community by our actions that accountably dismantle racism and
other oppressions in ourselves and our institutions.” Jessica and Charlotte will lead a discussion
about this proposed addition to the 7 Principles of UU.

11 April Becoming Dr. Ruth Miller
We are living at a time when nothing that was familiar seems to be lasting, when the world
around us seems to be turning into something we hardly recognize. What does that mean?
What are we becoming? Dr. Miller will put on her “futurist” hat to give us some insight into
these times and our potential tomorrows.

18 April The Web of Life Milt Markewitz
The unbalanced ethics of our civilization have led to the exploitation of natural resources all
over the world, even destroying regions where indigenous cultures have sustained themselves
for millennia. The key to their success lies in their fundamental worldview, as expressed in their
language, and we can learn from them if we’re willing. Milt Markewitz and Dr. Ruth Miller have
co-authored two books, Language of Life (2013), and To Restore Earth’s Balance (2020). Both of
these respected thinkers are connected with the Gaia Living Systems Institute and we look
forward to hearing from Mr. Markewitz.

25 April Reflections and Remembrances Mark S/Marty G/History Committee
Join us for a joyful 30 th anniversary celebration of the founding of Oregon South Coast Unitarian
Universalist Fellowship (SCUUF).


Our theme for March was Commitment.

March 7. Commitment, Suzann Robins, Discussion Facilitator. “Commitment is a complicated subject I have been sensitive to all my life as a good Catholic. We were required to be committed to our faith based on ‘faith’ with no answers to questions. We were supposed to be committed to one person for our entire life and only ONE ‘right’ way to believe and behave. Let’s share stories about ways we have been committed—‘the good’—‘the bad’—’the ugly.’”

March 14. Commitment, Dr. Ruth Miller. Are we committed? What does that mean? What’s the difference between being committed to an institution, being on a committee, and being a person who is committed to an idea or a goal? From the Latin roots for “with” and “send” this word has come to mean many different things in our culture, and Dr. Ruth Miller explores the implications of some of them for our health and well-being.

March 21. Ostara (Vernal Equinox), Jessica Lloyd-Rogers, Robin McCreery, & Friends. March is said to roar in like a lion, and if we are lucky, roll out like a lamb. Meanwhile, on or around the 21st of the month, we have Ostara to celebrate. It’s the time of the vernal equinox if you live in the Northern Hemisphere, and it’s a true marker that spring and warmer, sunnier days have come. Join us to celebrate this time of rebirth.

March 28. Right Now I Believe, Mark Stueve. Join us for a segment of our Fellowship’s “Right Now I Believe” series. This month Mark Stueve will share his journey with us.


Our theme for February was Beloved Community

February 7. The Devereux Center, Tara Johnson. Join us as Tara Johnson, Executive Director, shares the ways in which The Nancy Devereux Center contributes to the strength of our community and ways we can strengthen the community.

February 14. Side With Love Sunday, Special UUA Presentation. What if to “side with love” meant making bold, faith-full choices? What if it were even a little bit scary? This worship service brings together sterling worship leaders and musicians from across the country to offer hopeful, moving, challenging reminders about what we, as Unitarian Universalists, are called to do, and BE, in the world.

February 21. Beloved Community, Dr. Ruth Miller. The month of February is when we honor that particular way of being that we call Love. While most of us focus on the romantic kind of love at this time, there are many other
forms, among them the brotherly sort of love, the Philia that is the root of the name of the city Philadelphia. And when we allow ourselves to feel that kind of affection and respect for one another, the group becomes not just community, but a truly beloved community – and truly blessed. Dr. Ruth Miller offers some of the methods that are used to help form authentic
community and break down the barriers to Philia.

February 28. Poetry Share, Robin McCreery, Coordinator. Robin will coordinate and lead a program of poetry sharing among us. We are fortunate to have several poets among us and even more readers of poetry, so be thinking of what you may feel moved to contribute to this
sharing time. You are invited to bring a poem or reading to share for the program. We will be exploring the words that help to bring you in to
community, words that remind you that you are a part of a community and words that revealed to you a new community or connection.

Our theme for January was Imagination.

January 3. Science and Reason, Mark Stueve. Join us as Mark Stueve explores the ways in which Science and Reason lead us to the practice of waking up to possibility; widening our view of what’s possible through imagination.

January 10. Right Now I Believe, Clif Mayfield and Art Poole. Join us as two members/friends present their personal spiritual beliefs in this series. By sharing and supporting each other, we all grow.

January 17. Imagination and Possibility, Cheryl and Edwin DeLong. One way of thinking about Imagination is as the practice of completing the world by conjuring up the world’s missing parts. Cheryl and Edwin will share their direct experience with this as a way of life.

January 24. Imagination, Dr. Ruth Miller. The human mind is remarkable in many ways, among them the ability – which apparently no other species has, to create images and emotions about what has not yet happened. We call it imagination. And today the use of that particularly human faculty is almost overwhelming in its use and application. Dr. Ruth Miller explores how our imagination guides us and can mislead us in our day-to-day activities and our attempts to make things happen in our world.

January 31. An Imaginative Surprise, Paula Bechtold. Community member and retired judge Paula Bechtold joins us as a special guest sharing insights and inspiration.