Committees and Teams are created for special projects or to address ongoing needs within the congregation. The list below will change and evolve, so if you are unable to reach a specific person, you may contact the Board President or one of the other Committee Chairs for guidance. Committed Members and Friends are invited to participate in any of these Committees. Simply contact the Chair(s) of the Committee or Team that is of most interest to you.


CARE COMMITTEE – The Care Committee attempts to help members and friends in time of need and in providing transportation to Sunday services. If you know of someone in our congregation who could use a helpful contact, you can write to the Care Committee Chair or reach out to one of the other Committee Members.

Chair:  Charlotte Hutt – to reach Charlotte by email, click

Other Committee Members include:  Connie Earhart, Cheryl DeLong


PROGRAM COMMITTEE – The Program Committee is responsible for organizing guest speakers for Sunday presentations and overall flow of the service’s components. SCUUF generally follows a monthly theme for the varied Sunday topics, themes provided by the UUA organization on an annual basis. From there the other details are developed through a monthly meeting of shared ideas, followed by the Chair’s outreach to community leaders or within the SCUUF congregation for potential speakers.

Chair:  Suzann Robins – to reach Suzann by email, click HERE.

Other Committee Members include: Stacey Fox, Bobbi Black, Cheryl DeLong


TECH TEAM – The Tech Team is responsible for setting up the audio/visual equipment each Sunday, especially for virtual and/or hybrid Sunday services. They also “host” the ZOOM portion and provide access to congregants and guests. To be part of this team and a rotating Sunday schedule, you can write to the Tech Team Chair or attend one of the Sunday services to discover what they do.

Chair:  Mark Stueve – to reach Mark by email, click HERE.

Other Tech Team Members include:  Cheryl DeLong, Tristan Avelis (remote)


COMMUNICATION COMMITTEE (PR/MEDIA) – The Communication Committee’s purpose is “to create a visible UU presence in the Coos Bay/North Bend communities.” The Chair of this newly-formed Committee and its Members do so through various media options and at scheduled times each week and month.

Chair:  (open) – to reach someone by email, send to

Other Committee Members include: Suzann Robins, Cheryl DeLong, Mark Stueve