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March, 2020 — Our theme for March is Wisdom

March 1 Dr. Ruth Miller. The UU 7 Principles – Key to Humanity’s Emerging New Culture? When she’s not working as a minister, Dr. Ruth Miller is one of a few thousand scientists known as futurists. In her workshops and seminars, and her writings in that field, she presents current trends and offers possible scenarios for coming decades. Recently, she has been focusing on the emergence of a new kind of culture – and the values and assumptions that it embodies. In her program, she’ll share some of them and their relationship with the UU principles.

March 8, Gary Stroup and Suzann Robins. Wisdom of the Ocean. The interconnectedness of the World’s Oceans remind us that we are one tiny part of our larger world.

March 15, Georgia Martin. Aging with Wisdom. Growing old with purpose.

March 22, Robert Mahaffy and Jessica Lloyd-Rogers. Right Now, I Believe..… Join us as two more members/friends present their personal spiritual beliefs in this new series. By sharing and supporting each other, we all grow.

March 29, Program Planning Panel. Wisdom of the Ages. Come discuss the “Best Advice You’ve Received” and “The Most Important Lesson You’ve Learned.”

Our Theme for April is Liberation

April 5, Dr. Ruth Miller. One Universe, One Interconnected System of Wholes. As Unitarians we honor one divinity expressing in and through this universe in which we live, and we recognize the interconnected web of life of which we are a part. As a systems scientist, Dr. Miller has studied and taught a set of principles that help us see how these two ideas support each other and can be applied in our lives to help us be more effective actors on the human stage. These principles, when understood, are truly liberating – freeing us from the limited thinking that a mechanical, dualistic worldview imposes on us.

April 12 (Easter), Mark Stueve. How Jesus Became God. How Jesus Became God explores the exaltation of an itinerant Jewish preacher from a small village in Galilea. Based on the work of Bart Ehrman.

April 19 (Earth Day), Robin McCreery. The Young Liberators of the Earth. There is a rainbow tribe of young activists rising up to save to planet. We will hear the stories of Autumn Peltier, Mari Cooeny, Greta Thunberg and others who have educated and mobilized millions of people into action.

April 26, Edwin DeLong. Discovering Ancient Religions. Exploring the ancient wisdom handed down from our ancestors for thousands of years.