September, 2018 — Our theme for September is Vision

September 30. Aurora Miller. Butterfly Soup: A methodology to promote and support change both on a personal and systemic level. The five natural stages of the transformational process and key action steps to help individuals and organizations move from one stage to the next.


October, 2018 — Our theme for October is Sanctuary

October 7. Rev. Ruth Miller. The Role of Sanctuary.

October 14. Jessica Lloyd-Rogers. The Inner Sanctuary: Refuge, Renewal, and Remember. Discover the importance of an Inner Sanctuary for peace and balance in a chaotic world.

October 21. Robin McCreery. Hearth and Home. The mysteries of Hearth and Home will be explored. Cultures around the world have customs, charms, and magics that guard and protect the home. We will also meet some of the gods, goddesses, and spirit beings that share the mortal spaces we live in.

October 28. Rev. Stephen Landale. The Magic of Place. Do you suffer from “topophilia,” love of a particular place? Using his own experiences, Rev. Landale will reflect on sacred places in our lives — in nature, literature, and even those we co-create. After a dozen years of UU parish ministry, Rev. Landale has been a hospice chaplain in Corvallis and now Eugene for over six years.

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