June, 2019 — Our theme for June is Beauty

June 2, Dr. Ruth Miller. The Beauty Way. “In Peace the Beauty Way I Walk.” is the chorus of the lovely chant sung by and for the Dine (Navajo people) to remind them that this world can be a fabulously wonderful place to live when we pay attention and follow Nature’s principles. Dr. Miller will share the essential qualities of the Beauty Way and how we may apply them in our lives here, on the Oregon Coast, today.

June 9, Prof Christina Alexander. The Beauty Way. The power of beauty and its relevance for all of us is, unfortunately, often overlooked or even derided due to stereotypical concepts of beauty that are imposed by mass culture. Because of these cultural norms, we often have charged ideas about what it is, and our relationship to it. However, as the old saying states, “Beauty is more than skin deep.”  Perhaps surprisingly to many of us, research confirms that beauty in its many forms is integral to health (both mental and physical), and personal and communal well-being.

June 16, Leanne Lovie. Fashion, The Other F Word.

June 23, Jessica Lloyd-Rogers. Truth is Beauty, Beauty Truth – Finding the gifts that beauty brings.

June 30, Robin McCreery. The Spiritual Beauty of WordsPoetry has a way of speaking directly to your heart, bringing you words and emotions that confirm and validate your individual identity while also letting you know that you are not alone in your feelings and experiences. Bring your favorite sunshine of the love or comfort for the soul poem to share.