February, 2020 — Our theme for February is Resiliance

February 2. Dr. Ruth Miller and Mark Stueve. What’s It Mean to Be a UU? – A Prelude to Membership in SCUUF. The Unitarian Universalists have a long history and have been part of many important historical processes. Rev. Miller will explain the beginnings of our spiritual heritage, tell us about some famous folks who’ve been part of the movement, and describe how Unitarian Universalism emerged in this country. Mark Stueve will join her and share some of the history of this fellowship, then lead the process by which those who choose to become members will do so.

February 9. Robert Mahaffy. An Infidel Looks at the Koran. An exploration of the similarities and differences with other Abrahamic religions.

February 16. Sarita Southgate. Exploring Anger. The battles we fight and how they are important to our spiritual lives. Anger, we have all experienced it. We all know how it feels, and sometimes even know what triggers it. But anger has many sides and many secrets. These will be explored both in ourselves and in other cultures and belief systems. Understanding anger, a normal emotion, and its roles in our lives can lead to new self and societal awareness.

February 23. Jessica Lloyd-Rogers. ACES To Graces: Building Resiliency At Any Stage In Life. Science has repeatedly shown that Adverse Child Experiences have lifelong negative effects. Fortunately, that same science has shown that while we can’t reverse the effects, we have the power to mitigate the impacts. Best of all, we can begin taking these actions at any age.