Our theme for April is Emergence.

April 29. LeAnn Lovee, “The Metamorphosis of the Soul.” A reading of Nitche’s Metamorphosis of the Soul allegory and an analysis of how it is useful for our current lives.


Our theme for May is Creativity

May 6, Dr. Ruth Miller, “Buddha’s Birthday.” Throughout East Asia, this is the season for celebrating the birth of the Enlightened One who, around 600 BCE, introduced humanity to the possibility of a life without dissatisfaction, a life of peace and harmony, a life of creative exploration.

May 13, Gordon Terry, “Kirtan for Mother’s Day.” Prayerful music celebration for the Divine mother.

May 20, Linda Smith and Bobbie Black, “Capture Creation, A Sharing of our Fellowship’s Creativity and Inspiration” (participatory). So much of creativity is about attention: seeing connections, noticing the new, looking at things in a new light, appreciating what is trying to be born. And along with greater attention comes greater appreciation. The more we notice how abundantly creative this world is, the more we realize how lucky we are to be a part of it. So to honor this, take a picture of one “act of creation” each day. You decide what counts as “an act of creation.” What it is matters less than you noticing it. This assignment was in our Soul Matters material that we use for planning programs. I thought it would be interesting if all members and friends participated and sent me their photos of creativity for me to project during the program on May 20. Please bring art relating to noticing, even if you don’t get me a photo. Text or email your photos to Linda Smith.

May 27, Ahlyn Bodhi, “Memorial Day Reflections.” Using memories to Create Now and Forever; The Big Art is Our Life(s)”

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