April, 2019 — Our theme for April is Wholenness

April 7, Rev. Katie Larsell. Going Dark: That Voice In Our Heads. Everyone has it, that harsh voice in your head that tells you that you just made a giant mistake that will be remembered for all time! It chides you for your inadequate parenting skills and tells you what a bad friend you are. Going Dark is an exploration of that voice and how we can gently move it toward wholeness.

April 14, Al Solomon. The Wholeness of the Earth. How can we deal with the downsides of the obvious future changes in the Earth’s environment? Is the Green New Deal a solution?

April 21, Rev. Dr. Ruth Miller. Easter Flower Communion. It’s the first Sunday after the first full moon of the vernal equinox, the day set aside to celebrate the resurrection of what seemed to be dead and gone. On this day, as Unitarian Universalists, we bring flowers and exchange them as tokens of appreciation for one another and as a reminder of the blessing of new life. If you can, please bring a flower (or a few!) from your garden to share. We will also be welcoming new members today!

April 28, Suzann Stroup. Finding Wholeness in Romania. In 1990, I spent a life-changing summer teaching English to the UU Hungarian ethnic and religious minority in Romania that changed my life.