November, 2018 — Our theme for November is Memories

November 4. Dr. Ruth Miller, The Power of Memory. Our experience is largely determined by the patterns of activity in our brain – which are shaped largely by what we think about with feeling on a frequent and regular basis. And guess what we think about most: our past! Join Dr. Ruth Miller as she explores the nature of memory and the specific ways the brain and mind work to make our past our future – and how we can change that if we choose. 

November 11. Robin O’Neal, The Real Life Aspects of Dementia and Alzheimers 

November 18. Prof. Christina Alexander, The Burning Times. It’s power, pain and pleasure, and how it informs our lives and our culture. From the personal to the larger society, memory informs and teaches. If we listen, we can learn and heal.

November 25. Robert Mahaffy, Remembering My Favorite Cousin Whom I Never Actually Met. A famous cousin spent his entire career at Trinity College in Dublin. He was a professor of Greek and Ancient History. He was also an ordained minister and a most colorful character indeed.