July 2018 – Our theme for July is Play

July 1, Dr. Ruth Miller, 1776  – Two centuries, four decades, and two years ago, several dozen men gathered day after day in the heat of summer, debating and struggling to understand the nest next step for them – and the colonies they represented – to take in response to what seemed to be increasingly unreasonable demands from the British crown. It was a pivotal time – and yet even then, there were moments of play. Join us in a playful look at the problems and processes those men went through during that fateful month in Philadelphia.

July 08,  Robin McCreery, Sacred Clowns/Sacred Play – When play is sacred business. A look at sacred clowns and their roles; clown, messenger, tradition keeper. 

July 15, Christy Volstedt, Play – A playful attitude and spirit enhances our souls and charges our brains. Come Sunday accessorized with a whimsical adornment that puts play in your heart.

July 22, Jessica Lloyd-Rogers, Learn to Play – “We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.” Have you stopped playing? When someone says, “go play,” do you remember what to do? Learn some tips and tricks to bring play back into your life.

July 29, Dan Birskoveich, The Importance of Child Play – Children find happiness in the little things. Dan is an experienced educator who has FUN while working with young children. He’ll talk about how child play is important for adults too.

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