September, 2019 — Our theme for September is Expectations

September 1, Dr. Ruth Miller. Expectations of ‘People of the Book’. ” Three of the major world religions depend on a particular set of writings as the basis of their faith traditions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Each of them reveres their version of those writings in their rituals and practices – and expects others to do the same. What does that mean for us, as Unitarian Universalists, and as citizens of this planet?

September 8, Mark Stueve. Simply Pray. For believers and atheists alike, Simply Pray offers fresh answers to the age-old question, “Why pray?” We’ll consider a modern prayer bead practice and practical suggestions for composing prayers to use with the beads.

September 15, Allen M. Solomon, PhD. Expectations of Future Global Environmental Change. A recent multi-governmental report predicts dire consequences to global food supplies from interactions of land degradation and climate change under a “business as usual” future. But, is that future likely, or will technological progress save the day?

September 22, Suzann Robins. CUUPS: Balance, Reflection, and Gratitude. Harvesting the past and anticipating the future at the Autumn Equinox.

September 29, Kathy Maxham, Gary Stroup, and Thea Wilson. Right Now, I Believe…. Join us as three members/friends present their personal spiritual beliefs in this new series. By sharing and supporting each other, we all grow.