September, 2018 — Our theme for September is Vision

September 2. Dr. Ruth Miller. Labor in the Emerging Culture – A Vision for the Future. This is Labor Day weekend, yet western industrial culture has reached a turning point: human labor produces less than machine labor, and there are fewer jobs for those who work with their hands than for those who work with their heads. Karl Marx predicted this time, and it has come. What does that mean for the future? Dr. Miller will share historical and economic trends that suggest a different kind of culture is emerging, in which both labor and management shift radically, and offer a vision of a culture that honors all people and all effort.

September 09. Alice Carlson. The League Of Women Voters: A Critical Vote. A discussion of the history of voting, including suffrage for blacks and women, the various ways people vote today, and how state laws affect voting, including a short history of vote by mail in Oregon. How the right to vote is currently threatened and why it is so
important to vote in every election will also be addressed.

September 16. Leanne Lovie. The Fruits of Our Labor: An apple meditation 

September 23. Suzann Stroup. Prayer, Meditation and Creative Visualization. How are these different and how are they the same?

September 30. Aurora Miller. Butterfly Soup: A methodology to promote and support change both on a personal and systemic level. The five natural stages of the transformational process and key action steps to help individuals and organizations move from one stage to the next.


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