June 2018 – Our theme for June is Blessing

June 3, Dr. Ruth Miller, “The Science of Blessing.” One of the traditions lost in recent decades is the act of blessing our food, or “saying grace” before a meal. Over the same years, ancient rituals of blessing the fleet, the land, or the animals that live with us and serve us, have gone by the wayside as well. Most of us have been taught that these were empty rituals, best left behind. Dr. Ruth Miller has studied the cultural, psychological, and biological research and has come to a different understanding, which she will share in her program.

June 10, Georgia Martin, “Mindfulness and Nature.” We will take a journey so you will be able to use all your senses to appreciate nature.

June 17, Father’s Day. LeAnn Lovee, “Honoring the Masculine Gods and Male Archetypes, the Challenges and What They Can Teach Us.”

June 24, Robin McCreery, “Midsummers Celebration; The Oak King’s Reign.” A celebration of the time of greatest light also acknowledges the move back towards the longest night. The story of the Oak King and the Holly King will be

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