November, 2019 — Our theme for November is Attention

November 3, Leann Lovie. Those Who Are No Longer With Us. This time of year, it is tradition to acknowledge those who have passed on. Please bring your photos or other mementos of those who are dear to you. We will explore the importance of revisiting the memories and celebrating the lives of those who are no longer with us.

November 10, Ahlyn Bodhi. Pay Attention! Where we give our attention is where we invest our souls and our lives. Our attention is one of our Biggest Powers, perhaps our Highest Power!

November 17, Barbara Taylor and Edwin DeLong. Right Now, I Believe… Join us as two members/friends present their personal spiritual beliefs in this new series. By sharing and supporting each other, we all grow.

November 24, Jessica Lloyd-Rogers. The Science of Gratitude. Religious leaders and philosophers have talked of the importance of being grateful. But could there be more than the ‘feel good’ benefits? Scientific research has made great strides in exploring the many benefits, some of which are quite surprising. Learn why and how to incorporate more gratitude into your life.