August, 2018 – Our theme for August is Resiliance

August 5, Dr. Ruth Miller. Resilience: the Key to Thriving. Before becoming a minister, Dr. Miller studied and practiced the systems sciences, within which a basic principle, called resilience, explains when and how a system thrives. She also studied ecology, and it turns out there is a similar theory in that field. She’ll share the theories and how they apply to our world – and actions – today.

August 12, Georgia Martin, Mindfulness and Nature. We will take a journey so you will be able to use all your senses to appreciate nature and thereby improve the resilience of your life.

August 19, Jessica Lloyd-Rogers, Resiliency – Getting Back to Who You Are – Only Better. When gifts come from the bad things and leave you recovered, renewed and living with Post Traumatic Growth.

August 26, Oregon Community Rights Organization, The Power Imbalance between Oregon Communities and Industry. A look at the power of corporations to nullify local law making and how communities can adopt a municipal “bill of rights.”

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