January, 2019 — Our theme for January is Possibility

January 6. Dr. Ruth Miller, Epiphany and Possibility. Last night was 12th Night and today is Epiphany in the Christian tradition. The past 12 days have historical significance that long precedes the Roman Church and today is the celebration of an event that brought new possibilities into the world. Join Dr. Ruth Miller as she explains what’s been going on these last couple weeks – and what they portend for the year to come.

January 13. Panel. Celebrating the Dreams of Martin Luther King. A group reading and discussion.

January 20. Robert Mahaffy. The Wise Advisor. The wise advisor and other individuals with the gift of prophecy surface occasionally. Their advice is usually (but not always) ignored or disbelieved. We’ll look at some of these folks, covering a time span from the 5th century BC to the present day.

January 27. Linda Smith. Health Care for All? Taking a look at the possibility of covering all Americans. How can we afford it? Can we afford not to?