October, 2018 — Our theme for October was Sanctuary

October 7. Rev. Ruth Miller. The Role of Sanctuary.

October 14. Jessica Lloyd-Rogers. The Inner Sanctuary: Refuge, Renewal, and Remember. Discover the importance of an Inner Sanctuary for peace and balance in a chaotic world.

October 21. Robin McCreery. Hearth and Home. The mysteries of Hearth and Home will be explored. Cultures around the world have customs, charms, and magics that guard and protect the home. We will also meet some of the gods, goddesses, and spirit beings that share the mortal spaces we live in.

October 28. Rev. Stephen Landale. The Magic of Place. Do you suffer from “topophilia,” love of a particular place? Using his own experiences, Rev. Landale will reflect on sacred places in our lives — in nature, literature, and even those we co-create. After a dozen years of UU parish ministry, Rev. Landale has been a hospice chaplain in Corvallis and now Eugene for over six years.

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September, 2018 — Our theme for September was Vision

September 2. Dr. Ruth Miller. Labor in the Emerging Culture – A Vision for the Future. This is Labor Day weekend, yet western industrial culture has reached a turning point: human labor produces less than machine labor, and there are fewer jobs for those who work with their hands than for those who work with their heads. Karl Marx predicted this time, and it has come. What does that mean for the future? Dr. Miller will share historical and economic trends that suggest a different kind of culture is emerging, in which both labor and management shift radically, and offer a vision of a culture that honors all people and all effort.

September 09. Alice Carlson. The League Of Women Voters: A Critical Vote. A discussion of the history of voting, including suffrage for blacks and women, the various ways people vote today, and how state laws affect voting, including a short history of vote by mail in Oregon. How the right to vote is currently threatened and why it is so
important to vote in every election will also be addressed.

September 16. Leanne Lovie. The Fruits of Our Labor: An apple meditation 

September 23. Suzann Stroup. Prayer, Meditation and Creative Visualization. How are these different and how are they the same?

September 30. Aurora Miller. Butterfly Soup: A methodology to promote and support change both on a personal and systemic level. The five natural stages of the transformational process and key action steps to help individuals and organizations move from one stage to the next.


August, 2018 – Our theme for August was Resiliance

August 5, Dr. Ruth Miller. Resilience: the Key to Thriving. Before becoming a minister, Dr. Miller studied and practiced the systems sciences, within which a basic principle, called resilience, explains when and how a system thrives. She also studied ecology, and it turns out there is a similar theory in that field. She’ll share the theories and how they apply to our world – and actions – today.

August 12, Georgia Martin, Mindfulness and Nature. We will take a journey so you will be able to use all your senses to appreciate nature and thereby improve the resilience of your life.

August 19, Jessica Lloyd-Rogers, Resiliency – Getting Back to Who You Are – Only Better. When gifts come from the bad things and leave you recovered, renewed and living with Post Traumatic Growth.

August 26, Oregon Community Rights Organization, The Power Imbalance between Oregon Communities and Industry. A look at the power of corporations to nullify local law making and how communities can adopt a municipal “bill of rights.”

July 2018 – Our theme for July was Play

July 1, Dr. Ruth Miller, 1776  – Two centuries, four decades, and two years ago, several dozen men gathered day after day in the heat of summer, debating and struggling to understand the nest next step for them – and the colonies they represented – to take in response to what seemed to be increasingly unreasonable demands from the British crown. It was a pivotal time – and yet even then, there were moments of play. Join us in a playful look at the problems and processes those men went through during that fateful month in Philadelphia.

July 08,  Robin McCreery, Sacred Clowns/Sacred Play – When play is sacred business. A look at sacred clowns and their roles; clown, messenger, tradition keeper. 

July 15, Christy Volstedt, Play – A playful attitude and spirit enhances our souls and charges our brains. Come Sunday accessorized with a whimsical adornment that puts play in your heart.

July 22, Jessica Lloyd-Rogers, Learn to Play – “We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.” Have you stopped playing? When someone says, “go play,” do you remember what to do? Learn some tips and tricks to bring play back into your life.

July 29, Dan Birskoveich, The Importance of Child Play – Children find happiness in the little things. Dan is an experienced educator who has FUN while working with young children. He’ll talk about how child play is important for adults too.

June, 2018 – Our theme for June was Blessing

June 3, Dr. Ruth Miller, “The Science of Blessing.” One of the traditions lost in recent decades is the act of blessing our food, or “saying grace” before a meal. Over the same years, ancient rituals of blessing the fleet, the land, or the animals that live with us and serve us, have gone by the wayside as well. Most of us have been taught that these were empty rituals, best left behind. Dr. Ruth Miller has studied the cultural, psychological, and biological research and has come to a different understanding, which she will share in her program.

June 10, Georgia Martin, “Mindfulness and Nature.” We will take a journey so you will be able to use all your senses to appreciate nature.

June 17, Father’s Day. LeAnn Lovee, “Honoring the Masculine Gods and Male Archetypes, the Challenges and What They Can Teach Us.”

June 24, Robin McCreery, “Midsummers Celebration; The Oak King’s Reign.” A celebration of the time of greatest light also acknowledges the move back towards the longest night. The story of the Oak King and the Holly King will be told.

May, 2018 – Our theme for May was Creativity

May 6, Dr. Ruth Miller, “Buddha’s Birthday.” Throughout East Asia, this is the season for celebrating the birth of the Enlightened One who, around 600 BCE, introduced humanity to the possibility of a life without dissatisfaction, a life of peace and harmony, a life of creative exploration.

May 13, Gordon Terry, “Kirtan for Mother’s Day.” Prayerful music celebration for the Divine mother.

May 20, Linda Smith and Bobbie Black, “Capture Creation, A Sharing of our Fellowship’s Creativity and Inspiration” (participatory). So much of creativity is about attention: seeing connections, noticing the new, looking at things in a new light, appreciating what is trying to be born. And along with greater attention comes greater appreciation. The more we notice how abundantly creative this world is, the more we realize how lucky we are to be a part of it. So to honor this, take a picture of one “act of creation” each day. You decide what counts as “an act of creation.” What it is matters less than you noticing it. This assignment was in our Soul Matters material that we use for planning programs. I thought it would be interesting if all members and friends participated and sent me their photos of creativity for me to project during the program on May 20. Please bring art relating to noticing, even if you don’t get me a photo. Text or email your photos to Linda Smith.

May 27, Ahlyn Bodhi, “Memorial Day Reflections.” Using memories to Create Now and Forever; The Big Art is Our Life(s)”

April 2018 – Our theme for April was Emergence

April 1. Rev. Dr. Ruth Miller, “Easter – Resurrecting Life.” Spring has sprung! And with the new life emerging in this season, we are shown the possibility of resurrecting our own lives from dormancy and the various “deaths” we may have succumbed to.
Note: a flower communion will be part of the service so please consider bringing cut flowers that morning; best would be in a vase or jar.

April 8. Jessica Lloyd-Rogers, “A Fool’s Journey: From Zero to Hero.” Learn a bit about how to use the archetypes of the Tarot’s Major Arcana to comprehend ourselves and our place in the Universe as we trek our way toward wisdom and back again, spiraling up in ever widening circles of understanding.

April 15. Amber Rose Dullea, “Emerging from Chronic Pain.” Emerging from any long-term state is a process. What does it take? Amber Rose will share the power of willingly observing wonder or WOW! Be inspired, have a laugh, and delve into what it takes to emerge from chronic pain and other obstacles. Explore how awareness, presence and willingness can heal through direct experience of the transcending mystery and wonder.

April 22. Sitka, “Earth Day – Every Day.” This retired landscape contractor, nursery operator and community garden co-coordinator will share experiences and ideas about protecting the earth and nurturing healthy communities.

April 29. LeAnn Lovee, “The Metamorphosis of the Soul.” A reading of Nitche’s Metamorphosis of the Soul allegory and an analysis of how it is useful for our current lives.


March, 2018 – Our theme for March was Balance

March 4. Dr. Ruth Miller, “The Perennial Philosophy.” Unitarian-Universalists live a mixture of religious traditions, finding balance in the core of them all, which Aldous Huxley and others have called the Perennial Philosophy.

March 11. Annie Callaway, “Balance in Buddhism.”  Finding Balance through Meditation.

March 18. Suzann Stroup, “The Balance of Light and Dark Equinox.” The balance of day and night is also a time of reflection on light and dark, life and death. Join Suzann for an open discussion about this timely topic.

March 25. Mark Stueve, “Jesus for the Non-Religious.” We explore how a 21st educated person can make sense out of the gospels and the life of Jesus of Nazareth in context of today’s understanding and science.


February, 2018: Our theme was Perseverance

February 4. Dr. Ruth Miller, “Imbolc, Candlemas, and the Midwinter Fast.” While ice and now cover the land and waterways and food is scarce, still people have persevered. For millennia they have tightened their belts and focused on their inner, spiritual life during this dark time of the year. Also: Induction of New Members!

February 11. Robin McCreery, “Take a Breath.” Self care in a world that makes your head spin. You don’t have to do it all! You don’t have to do it unceasingly. You have the right to take a breath and take care of yourself.

February 18. Christy Volstedt,  “GMO’s – Altered Genes, Twisted Truth.” My spiritual quest for truth about food has been one of my primary passions for over 4 ½ decades. The fraud and false fronts of this GMO topic is at the root of why I choose to share this information; our children deserve the truth. information; our children deserve the truth.

February 25. Jessica Lloyd-Rogers, “Perseverance: Taking Your Past from Prologue to Progress.” How to use faith and discipline to create your better self and your brighter future.

JANUARY 2018: Our Theme was What Does It Mean to be a People of Intention?

January 7We Know Our Intentions by our Results, Rev. Ruth Miller Wise teachers across history and cultures have taught that the best way to discover what we truly believe and expect is to look at what we’re actually creating and experiencing.

January 14: Take a Stand, Make a Difference in This Land, Bitten Duggan from the Human Rights Advocacy group’s campaign will talk about Martin Luther King’s Message of Hope

January 21: Let’s Talk About SuicideDr. Jim Martin

January 28: Who We Are, Robin McCreery and Mark Stueve. A breif look at the history of Unitarian Universalism and of this Fellowship.


DECEMBER 2017: Our theme was Hope

December 3We Light a Candle for Hope, by Rev. Ruth Miller.

December 10: Luane de Water spoke to us about the work of the Star of Hope, a local non-profit agency that provides services to adults with disabilities.

December 17: The Side of the Tide Morris Dancers danced in the Yule for us!

December 24 (Christmas Eve day)The Kernel of Truth in Myth, by Robert Mahaffy.

December 31 (New Year’s Eve day): An annual revisiting of the Covenant sermon by pastor and UUA President Susan Frederick-Gray.


NOVEMBER 2017: Our Theme was Abundance

November 5The Measure of Abundance, Rev. Ruth Miller

November 12Veterans Day for Peace, Ed Pool

November 19The Underbelly of Abundance, Kathy Maxham

November 26 Favorite Thanksgiving Stories, Panel Discussion


OCTOBER 2017 – Our Theme was Courage

October 1 – Optimism as an Act of Courage, Rev. Dr. Ruth Miller

October 8 – Don Ivy, Chief of the Coquille Indian Tribe, will speak on Courage

October 15 – Courage, a presentation by Mary Geddry on MLK’s concept of negative peace


October 22 – Courage Q & A, facilitated by Ahlyn Bodhi

October 29 – Day of the Dead Celebration, a traditional Mexican way of honoring loved ones who have passed away, led by Robin McCreery


SEPTEMBER 2017 – Our Theme was Welcome

September 3, Welcome Home, Rev. Dr. Ruth Miller. Rev. Miller will discuss the implications of empathy for those returning home. Her program will be followed with a pot luck picnic at the home of Jean Adamson and Al Solomon.

September 10, Widening the Circle: Taking and Receiving, Jessica Lloyd-Rogers.

September 17, Welcome Autumn, Suzann Robins Stroup

September 24, Creating Welcoming Communities: Moving Forward to Action, Char Luther


AUGUST 2017 – Our Theme for August was Evolution

August 6 – Evolving a Life, Rev. Dr. Ruth Miller

August 13 – The Evolving Self, Larry High

August 20 – The Evolving Significance of the Eclipse, Linda Smith

August 27 – Three Steps Forward, Two Steps Back: Evolving Towards a More Perfect Union, Mark McKelvey


APRIL 2017 – Our theme of the month: Risk

Apr. 2 “Communities at Risk: Who is at risk and what is our responsibility?” Larry High

Apr. 9 “What does It Mean to be a People of Risk: An exploration of our theme for the month from the perspective of a UU minister.” Rev. Ruth Miller

Apr. 16 Take a chance on me: Creation Centered Spirituality as it applies to Easter/Ostara Suzann Stroup

Apr. 23 Earth Day: “Risks for the South Coast Produced by Climate Change and How They Are Enhanced by Trump’s Alternate Reality.” Al Solomon

Apr. 30 “Risk as Experienced by China’s Emperor Qin: The Terra Cotta Warriors,” Jean Adamson