Saturday, June 2, 2-4 pm.

Water Remembers, a public presentation and discussion with Dr. Ruth Miller
Saturday, June 2, 2 – 4 pm at Evergreen Court (at Baycrest Village, 3959 Sheridan Ave, North Bend)

In the 1990s, a Japanese scientist captured the world’s imagination with his beautiful photographs of the crystals that water forms when prayed over or surrounded by music.Only a few people have been able to replicate his work, but others have, sometimes accidentally, verified the principle. Dr. Miller was part of the team who brought Dr. Emoto’s work to this country and has continued to collect relevant research. In this presentation and dialogue Dr. Miller places his crystals in the context of both older and more recent research and helps us to understand how water responds to its environment and what that means for us and for our wellbeing – now and in the future.


Spiritual Science in the Emerging Culture, a public presentation by Dr. Ruth Miller.
Saturday, March 31, 2-4 pm at the North Bend Public Library’s small conference room

A new culture is emerging across the country – and the world – and it is NOT based on materialist values or science. In this presentation Dr. Miller, who has been studying the trends and the techniques for decades, introduces us to the basic principles and some of the practices that our children’s children will be taught from birth to maximize their full capacity as human beings… and their ability to heal the planet.